Smart Learning & Living

Multi-Interactive Blackboard are innovative products in smart classrooms for teaching. The large-size capacitive touch panel (CTP) can switch between traditional teaching blackboards and smart learning touch screens. In addition to using ordinary chalk for writing on the board, It can also directly play high-resolution computer screens and multi-point capacitive touch functions. Teachers can integrate various teaching materials, videos, pictures, animations and other multimedia teaching materials in the class.

Tablet charging car - Best for schools encourage BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). The charging car can support simultaneous charging, storage and protection of tablets. It can hold laptops (including ChromeBook) and tablets of various brands (including Apple iPad, Android, Windows). Can be placed up to 15 inches. The exclusive first side storage function, carefully configured door opening lighting. All charging cars are equipped with exclusive intimate like independent charging immediate display, built-in plug, one-key power management.

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